Sights in London

During the last weeks the Foxes worked on presentations about famous sights in London.

Ben, Marit and Paulina volunteered to start with their presentation about the Tower Bridge and impressed their classmates with a lot of interesting facts as for example how many times the Tower Bridge opens and closes per day.

Marlene and Marius presented the Buckingham Palace and we got to know that there are even 2 employees whose only task is to look after the clocks inside the Palace. Besides they presented a wanted poster of the Queen and explained to us the succession to the throne.

Justyna, Geronimo, Pepe and Andrej and also Dari, Lenny, Luis and Noah presented the London Eye.

We learned that it opened in the year 2000 and is actually Europe´s tallest ferries wheel. It has a total of 32 capsules and one ride takes about 30 minutes.

Finally Hannah, Malte and Till presented the Tower of London – one of the most famous fortresses of the world. It was used as an armory, a zoo, a treasury, a prison, a royal palace and today it is a museum.

Every team did a great job and the posters as well as the presentations were impressive!

The presentation skills of the Foxes and the pronunciation were amazing!

You are ready for class 5!